Five Reasons to Keep Dancing this Summer

With the school year drawing to an end and summer quickly approaching, you’re probably trying to figure out your summer plans. While we at Power House Dance definitely think summer should be a time filled with rest, family, and friends, we also know there is something else your summer should include- DANCE!

Read on to learn about some of the benefits of dancing your way through the summer:

Colorful Dancer

-       Maintaining (and building) technique: As with any other athletic sport or art form, practice makes perfect! Long breaks away from dance can lead to decreased levels of coordination, flexibility, balance, and stamina. In other words, by taking a long break from dance over the summer, your dancer is losing all the great technique they built up over the school year! This also makes it hard to “jump back in” to dance in the fall, because your dancer will need to take some time (possibly a few months!) to get back to their initial level of fitness. On the other hand, dancing even an hour a week over the summer helps dancers not only maintain, but build upon, their skills.

-       Building confidence: This one goes with the idea of “practice makes perfect.” Dance requires a performer not only to be able to move in demanding ways physically, but also to look confident and effortless while moving! Even in class, dancers work on the stage presence with each and every combination they learn. Dancers who continue to train during the summer build confidence in both their physical capabilities and their quality of performance.

Colorful Dancers

-       A time to focus on dance: During the year, students are pulled in a number of different directions between school, homework, and after-school commitments. During the summer, when things quiet down, dancers can focus solely on their dance training, without having to feel the stress of other commitments. The summer provides a time for the student who wants to focus more on their dance training to truly have time to hone in on their technique without other distractions.

-       Fitness: While it might be easy to lay around all summer catching up on the latest T.V. series, it’s important to incorporate fitness into your student’s summer routine. Believe it or not, dance is one of the best forms of exercise because it allows you to work on flexibility, strength-training, and cardio all at once!

-       Fun: This is probably our favorite reason! Sure, technique, confidence, and fitness are all great benefits of dance, but it is equally, if not more, important to find something to do this summer that is fun and makes you smile! Dance classes provide a great chance to make and build friendships and to create memories with your instructors and peers. Not only that, dance is a fun way to learn more about and challenge yourself!


If you haven’t already, you can check out our summer schedule, which includes in-person and online classes, HERE.

We cannot wait to dance with you this summer!!!


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