Features of the Clash Royale Game

In the game of Clash Royale, players usually get ranked by their trophy count as well as experience level. Here, players try and level up by fetching experience points all way through upgrading or donating cards and further getting the achievements completed. There are several levels to complete, level thirteen being the highest level of the gameplay. Here, the trophies are either won or lost by the battles of the multiplayer: a player tends to win the battle by ruining more number of towers than his opponent where each of the destroyed towers are termed as ‘crown’, or even by demolishing the rival king’s tower, thereby resulting in a victory termed as ‘three-crown’ which is automatic.

In Clash Royale game, 11 playing arenas are present in all total (exclusive of the training camp and tutorial arena). Amongst those 11 playing arenas, there are Spell Valley, Royal Arena, Barbarian Bowl, Legendary Arena, Builder’s Workshop, Jungle Arena, Bone Pit, P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse, Frozen Peak and Hog Mountain, with each of these arenas corresponding to a particular range of trophy count.

Clash Royale actually is an extension of the game Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is considered as the real-time game involving a number of players, starring all your favorite characters of Clash, the Royales, and many more characters.

Here are listed some of the notable features that the gameplay of Clash Royale consists:

– A player must earn ample chests for unlocking their rewards; collect the most powerful cards which are a new addition and further get the existing cards upgraded.
– Opponent’s towers are to be destroyed; more crowns are to be won for earning crown chests.
– The final battle deck needs to be constructed for defeating the opponent.
– A number of areas are to be crossed to reach the final level.
– A clan is formed for sharing cards along with building one’s own battle community.
– Tactics are to be learned by going through best duels available on TV Royale.

The player needs to fetch and upgrade the great number of cards which feature spells, the Royales, troops of Clash of Clans. The royales here mainly includes Baby Dragons, Knights and so on. The enemy king needs to be knocked down along with the princesses right from their respective towers so as to get their opponents defeated, thereby winning crowns, glory, and trophies in that particular Arena. A clan then must be formed in order to share the cards and get your own community of battle built. The Clash Royale family then will move forward to win the game. Some Clash royale cheats can be made use of for achieving victory easily within less time span.

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