工作室政策2021 - 2022

请仔细阅读工作室政策. 一旦您签署了您的协议,您将受到以下规定的PPAC的规则和规定的约束. 


  • 在秋季/春季开学时,每个学生的家庭登记费是30美元,每个家庭登记费是55美元. 

  • There is a $20 per student and $35 per family registration fee for the Summer session

  • The first tuition payment must be made before attending classes. 

  • 学生在注册及收到第一笔学费后,才可在班级内预留座位. 


  • 学费 for the Fall/Spring season is due the 1st of every month (September-June). 

  • 夏季课程的学费在课程开始前注册时全额支付.

  • 迟交的学费是25美元.00 is applied for all tuition received after the 7th of the month. 

  • Square invoices are sent via email on the 25th of the previous month, 每个月的第一天, the 5th of each month and the 7th of each month as automated 提醒 for tuition due. 

  • We accept the following payment methods: Cash, Check, Credit, Debit or Money Order. 

  • Checks should be made out to: 神童表演手机版伟德. 所有退回的支票都有35美元.00退票手续费. 

  • There is a 3% additional charge for ALL credit card transactions. 

  • You must be current on all tuition to receive costumes for the 春天音乐会, 和参与课堂, 彩排及春季音乐会演出. 

  • 如果学生拖欠学费超过1个月,他们将不能参加课程,直到他们的帐户被结算和/或更新. 

  • An automatic tuition payment option is available to sign up for at any time. 您可以通过在您的Square发票上选择“卡在文件”选项来在线注册自动支付. 

  • Once registered, the total tuition amount must be paid as scheduled. 


  • 不退款 学员报名后,须缴付学费、服装费及演出费用. Credits are situational and only available to the discretion of the Director. 

  • 只有当工作室因入学率低而必须取消某一课程,且该学生不能选择另一课程时,才可获得退款. 详情请参阅班级登记. 

  • 所有学生都可以享受兄弟姐妹折扣. We discount 10% off each additional siblings total tuition per month. 这项优惠只适用于居住在同一家庭的18岁及以下的兄弟姐妹. 

  • A 5% discount is applied for tuition paid in full for the entire season. 

  • We also offer a 10% Military discount on monthly tuition with a valid Military ID. 

  • 折扣不能合并. 


  • If you purchase an online promotional deal (Groupon, Living Social, 等.)请注意以下事项: 

  • 网上促销活动只适用于第一次购买的顾客. 本校不会为在校生提供代金券,亦不会为同一名学生提供重复促销. 

  • 如果我们与不同的公司进行多笔交易,您可以只兑换一种类型的促销交易. 

  • Promotional students are ineligible to participate in any studio performances. 如果你想参加春季音乐会, 你可以注册和支付必要的费用作为一个全日制学生开始在你的促销运行结束. 

  • 对于未使用的代金券不发放积分. 

  • Class sizes are limited; priority is given to FULL TIME students for spaces in classes. 

  • The make-up class policy does NOT apply to promotional students. 


  • 学生们到达教室准备跳舞. 

  • 所有舞者必须遵守班级着装规定. Please make sure you carefully read the dress code prior to the start of class. 

  • Any student improperly dressed for class will not be permitted to participate. 

  • PPAC’s online store provides ALL necessary attire for classes. 


  • There is a class limit for each class depending on studio size. 如果一个班满了,你可以在候补名单上登记,以防有注册的学生退学. 1月后,等候名单将失效. 

  • 每班最少5人. If by the start of October a class does not enroll more than 4 students, 该课程将被取消,该班的在校生将被加到另一个班. 

  • Students paying full tuition will get priority spacing over promotional students. 

  • You must meet the age requirement for the class by November 1st of that year. 任何不符合年龄要求的学生,由导师及主管决定,只可修读较高级班. 


  • 所有学生如缺课,整季最多可补课6节. 如因天气恶劣而缺课, 学生可以在下个星期补课. 如果发生这种情况, 我们将发出电子邮件通知,提醒大家下星期补课. 

  • Students may take ANY age appropriate class for a make up; it does not have to be the same dance style. 

  • 由于每堂课都在准备音乐会,因此在四月或五月没有补课. 


  • PPAC expects all dancers AND parents to demonstrate excellent behavior at all times. 

  • Dancers must be respectful to instructors, assistants, parents, and fellow dancers. 不容忍粗鲁的行为、不恰当的语言、胡闹、欺凌和发脾气. If any behavior issues arise, parents will be contacted immediately.

  • Parents must respect other parents, students, staff, and owners of the studio. 我们不能容忍骚扰, 欺凌, 恐吓, 威胁, 或任何不适当的行为. 如果出现问题,必须通过正确渠道妥善处理.

  • No dancer should be talking in class unless the instructor permits them to. 课堂上的任何干扰都会极大地影响到每个参与者. 

  • 导演有权暂停或开除任何学生或家庭从工作室. 这样的行为很少见, 然而, may be dealt with for reasons including but not limited to: constant negative/disruptive behavior from parent or dancer; accumulating too many absences or tardies; violent behavior/language; and delinquency on tuition. Dismissal and/or suspension does not release you from financial liability for tuition. 


  • Parents must inform the studio management if they are running late to class. 如学生迟到超过十分钟,导师保留拒绝其上课的权利. 请准时. 

  • If a student is not picked up more than 10 minutes following their last class, the studio reserves the right to charge a child care fee of $1 per additional minute.

  • Street shoes, food, and beverages are not permitted inside the studios. 

  • 手机、其他设备、玩具和其他来自家里的物品都不允许进入工作室. 对青少年来说, 上课期间,手机必须处于静音状态,并放在教室外的舞蹈袋中. 

  • All parents with children under 7 must come inside the facility to pick up your dancer. 为了学生的安全,七岁以下的学生在没有家长看管的情况下不得离开教学楼. 

  • PPAC不负责任何丢失或被盗的物品. Anything left in the studio’s after class will be placed in the lost and found. 请记录所有项目. 确保所有的舞鞋都贴在里面,上面有学生的名字,因为舞鞋经常在舞者之间丢失或混淆. 

  • 如果学生因维修而造成的财产损失超过100美元,家长将负责赔偿. 请帮助我们加强对您的孩子在舞蹈教室里的尊重和行为规范. 严禁奔跑和嬉戏. 


  • 春天音乐会 preparations begin at the start of the season in September. Please be prepared to follow through on all due dates and keep track of events. 

  • Costume fees are due at the time of registration for all students. 服装费是75美元一套. This does not include additional fees for accessories such as tights, 跳舞鞋, 内衣, 等. 组合类的, the instructor will choose one of the dance styles they learn to perform for the show. 

  • Tickets, business ads, and program well wishes go on sale in March. 这些东西先到先得. 这场音乐会的座位有限,所以尽早购票是很重要的. 

  • Dress Rehearsals are extremely important for a successful show. Attendance to all rehearsals before the Concert is MANDATORY. 


  • 会有无数的通知, 电子邮件, 时事通讯, 一般信息通过电子邮件发送. PPAC是绿色, eco-friendly business and will use minimal paper for communications; Please make sure we have your correct email address so you are receiving all information. 

  • 如果您是Gmail用户, our 时事通讯 will show up in your Promotions tab as they come from Mailchimp. 请注明重要,以免错过! 其他电子邮件用户,请检查垃圾文件夹或垃圾邮件,如果你没有看到我们的通讯. 

  • 别忘了在社交媒体上点赞我们! 我们会在课程取消的时候发布快速更新, 提醒, and upcoming events on our page often so make sure you are following us! 

  • Please visit our other social media sites for news, photos, links, and other content. 

  • Parents are responsible for keeping track of dates, events, and updates. 请参阅我们的演播室日历. 

  • 我们不遵循WJCC或约克郡学校关闭的所有. 请参考我们工作室的假期日历,并随时关注社交媒体和我们的时事通讯上的关闭.


  • Our online store is a convenient one stop shop for all your needs. 你可以买舞蹈服,紧身衣和鞋子上课. Items will be delivered to the studio available for pick up. Studio Merch全年都有! 

  • 物品一经订购,概不退换. 交易所只. 

  • 芭蕾舞紧身连衣裤将被要求从网上手机版伟德bv购买,除非其他服装已得到总监的批准. 

新型冠状病毒肺炎 & 传染病安全预防措施 

  • 所有学生在参加工作室活动前必须签署新型冠状病毒肺炎免责声明. 

  • Faculty is required to wear a mask unless they are vaccinated. 任何暴露的工作人员或教员将有疫苗接种记录的文件与组织.

  • Our facility is now mask optional for patrons and students who have been vaccinated. 12岁以下未接种疫苗的顾客 & up must continue to wear a mask for the health and safety of our dance community. 

  • The lobby area and dressing rooms have been reopened for full use as of July 1, 2021

  • 请于上课前十分钟前到达. If you are running earlier, students must wait in their vehicles with parents. 

  • 街鞋即. 任何在室外穿的鞋子都是 严格禁止的 在舞池里. 嘻哈舞者必须穿著着装要求指定的舞鞋或类似鞋. 

  • 按照美国疾病控制与预防中心和世界卫生组织的建议,工作室每天都在持续进行清洁. Please report any messes or missing supplies to the front desk.

  • 职业上限已恢复为正常数字, 然而, proper distancing and spacial awareness will be implemented in the classroom. 

  • 任何有感冒症状的人, 流感, 新型冠状病毒肺炎, 或其他传染性疾病在症状消退前不要进入工作室. 任何在这里出现这些症状的学生或老师将立即被送回家

  • The water fountain will not be permitted to use unless filling up a water bottle. 

  • Absolutely no food or drink (other than water) is permitted in the studio.