The Clash Royale War

Those were the days when everyone was used to play on Playstation or computer but now the time is changed and the most popular device for playing the game is Smartphone. You can play any game on Smartphone and the most popular one is clash royale. There are many reasons behind the popularity of game including its easy to use interface. When you play this game for the first time then you may feel hard to play because of too many options but later on, you will be used to it. If you have played clash of clans then it’s easy for you to play. Here you have coins and gems which you have to keep on collecting in order to purchase all the important things like cards and you have to upgrade these using coins. Interested people can download this game from Apple App store and Google Play store according to the device but there is the tool called as clash royale cheats which provide countless currencies. This tool can’t be downloaded from these platforms but you can access it using any web browser and good thing is that you can use it without downloading it.

Moreover; if you are having unlimited currencies then you can buy all the cards and use them for building an awesome strategy. The game is all about powerful tactic in which enemy feel confused and in this time you can take his crown tower down. If you are not using any generator tool then you can purchase the in-app product. Yes, this is the last option which you can try but you need a credit card for this thing. Go to in-app, purchase option and here you have the option of purchasing it. You will be shown money required for purchasing coins and gems. In every country, there is the different method of the method so in most of the countries credit card option is supported. After getting lots of coins and gems you need to build the deck.

How To Destroy Enemy?

Everyone has his own way of winning but if you are playing for the first time then there are many things which you must have to know. The first thing which you can do is to follow an ideal way of playing which we are providing to you. The ideal tactic for playing this game is:

  • When you are in battle then you have to focus on enemy. You will be able to destroy every tower if you keep calm waited for enemy to attack. First let your enemy to attack on you and then defend yourself by placing troop cards. Choose crown tower as your first target because if everything go well then you will easily destroy his crown tower.
  • If you have a good deck then you can easily get a upper hand on enemy so if you have balloon, baby dragon, hordes then it’s easy to win. All the good decks have mini P.E.K.K.A. or price which helps in high hit points. If you use arrow correctly then it will be same as icing on the cake.
  • Always defend yourself and if enemy try to reach near to your tower then protect it otherwise this can be big lose.
  • When you are done with attacking crown towers, you can move on to other towers. Some directly try to destroy king tower but this can be harmful because during this time enemy can attack princess tower. This is the suggestion that doesn’t go against king without destroying other powers of the enemy.

The good suggestion for everyone who is playing this game is to go after king only on one condition and that is when you have destroyed both of the towers. This is the most basic but best way of winning with ease. There are much more things but learn these then try others.


Well, still now the game is going well with each update. This is sure that everyone loves this because there are no bad reviews about it. The rating for this game is 4.5 stars on Google play store and the same rating is on Apple app store. According to some people, there is no other game like this. If you are starting to play this game then must download Clash Royale and build a powerful deck so that you can battle with your friends or you can use your leisure time doing something interesting.

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