REVIEWED: The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Bethesda Softworks is quickly becoming a monster in the industry of monstrous roleplaying experiences. For anyone who has played other titles coming out from the dungeons of development in Bethesda’s basement, this game will have a familiar feel to it. One good thing that Bethesda has done with the Elder Scrolls Oblivion is they’ve taken some of the spectacular aspects and immersive qualities that have done well for them in the past, and plugged them right back into the game. They’ve also taken some new twists, some innovation and all around new techniques to try and bring a different crowd into their brand of authentic old style role playing games – and they’ve succeeded.

The Graphics:

On first glance at Oblivion, one can look upon the world of Tamriel and gasp in awe. This game looks great. Period. The lighting is spectacular, the ground flora is dense. Stone walls look “like stone” and you can genuinely get the feel that you’ve been transported to a world of mythical beauty. The better news? That doesn’t stop until you’ve taken the disc out of your gaming venue. Every single location in the game looks different, and you can really tell they put a lot of time into the feel and the immersion of the graphical gaming experience in Oblivion as far as the environment goes. The character models are just a little bit lacking in their animation but it’s not bad by any means. Spells look slightly cheesy in some cases, and your character will look a bit awkward if you have the game zoomed out to third person when casting spells or sidestepping on the terrain. I’d have given it a lower score just for this aspect, but it’s not unforgivable and it doesn’t affect the immersion of the game. Especially if you’re like me and play in 1st person. Overall it’s wonderful to look at and it should set a standard for any game coming out in the near future.

The Gameplay:

Bethesda has always done a great job at making what you do, and your decisions matter. Character reactions are great. If you go into Old Man River’s house and kill him, there are going to be certain characters in the game that will react differently based upong your decision to kill an innocent old man (you’re a bad person). It’s fun, It’s interesting and It adds some serious depth to the game. Monsters are for the most part very well animated, have reasoning skills and good UI. We’ve all played games where the giant super bug trying to kill you gets stuck on a shopping cart and doesn’t have the sense to go around it. Not going to happen in Oblivion. Magic is well animated and adapted to the first person perspective. The physics engine is realistic. If you shoot somebody with a bow and dispatch them on stairs, they’ll roll down them until gravity is satisfied. It’s all very well orchestrated and again, adds to the depth and believability of the game. One of the key components that begs mentioning is the new fast travel system – left unimplemented in previous versions of the Elder Scrolls games. This allows you (if you’ve discovered the location) to bring up your map and travel immediately to any location as if you could teleport. Some of you more hardcore gamers might not mind running across the world for 20 minutes to return Mr. Orc’s diary, so the option is still there for you. As far as melee gameplay, when you swing your sword be careful not to hit any allies because there’s always the possibility they’ll turn on you. At times this can be annoying, but I still endure it for the same of the game being as life-like as possible.

The Music:

Oblivions music is a vast landscape and it’s all very palpable. For the most part it’s all very subtle and behaves much like just pure ambiance. It’s not intrusive but if you listen it’s still going to be there and add a great deal to the feel of wherever you are. Foreboding string music fills Oblivions dungeons, the world map theme is great. Town themes are cozy. Overall it’s a very diverse and satisfying experience aurally. Character voices are a huge part of Oblivion and It would be a travesty to leave them out. Every. Single. Character. you come across has a voice. In Oblivion, leave your glasses behind because there is no more reading when receiving quests or engaging in dialogue of any sort, although you can still display subtitles for those who want to skip past some dialogue they may dub meaningless. The actual voicing and professionalism of the dialogue is great for the most part though it lacks diversity. As you play through the game you’ll experience different characters with the same voice and tone. Though it won’t happen all that frequently, you’ll start to recognize the different voice actors employed throughout the game. Overall, very well done though we could’ve used a bit more diversity with the voice acting.


Oblivion is a gem of a game. It really lends itself to the traditional idea of a role-playing game. There’s action, a very detailed and articulate storyline, and you genuinely begin to care about the outcome of events in the game. Whether you’re looking to save the world or just make a quick piece of gold off of someone else’s misfortune, you’re going to have a fantastic time in Oblivion and the experience is going to be something you remember, if not judge other games upon.

-T.C. Hearst, this review was written by our friends over at thatgamehack.

Guide on the SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit is a very popular online game with you can play on your mobile or tablets. This game was introduced into the market in the year 2014 and is a treat for the game lovers. It is quite an addictive game where you will be playing the role of a mayor and take the responsibility of building infrastructures and upgrading them.

Building tips for moving forward

You should always focus on making huge productions so that you can generate for more for selling into the market. In this way, you can earn more money for upgradation and building.

Always sell all the unwanted stuff to the production houses which are non-working. It will help you in getting some extra flows of cash.

You can also receive great offers for the items. You can easily sell the item which you won’t be using. Sell them at a great price in the right place.

Do not build huge building hastily. Take some time and build a strategy and check whether you can provide services to these building and if not when keep yourself restricted to the small building.

Always use Daniel if you need. He can easily sell items at great discounts. Getting them will help you to upgrade the city.

You can build the skyscrapers and massive city.

You can also join the social networking sites where you can gather information about this game. As every player has their strategy and culture so making a group, there will help you in getting many important things at a low price.

Things to keep in mind while using the cheats

Always use the cheat programs which will be approved and valid and do not give any personal information if you find the website to be suspicious or if it has the potential of harming your device.

Before you start using this SimCity cheats always check the reviews to see if they are


good or trustable because if the site is not good, then you can lose your account.

Whenever it comes to using the hacks or simcity buildit cheats, do not download any software which is offered by the website. It can be the keylogger that can easily hack your device instead of the game.

Have you downloaded any .exe file? Then do not forget to use the virus scanner to make sure that it does not carry any viruses.

You cannot expect any particular amount of simcash when it comes to using the hacks. So for better result always use different cheats for gaining more simcash.

There are many more strategies and tips that you should keep in mind while playing this game. Always try to provide all the necessary services to the buildings as well as to the sims because it will be providing you with a tax of 20% which is great. Even if you are factories are filled still you should keep producing more items by building more factories so that you can sell them for earning more simcash. The tricks or the strategies will help you to go a long way when it comes to this game.

Mobile Legends: surprising features and benefits of this game!

The mobile legends have emerged to be the top grossing game in the recent times. the mobile legends is a mobile multiplayer game which allows the player to play in an online battle arena that features in varied cast of iconic heroes, makes quick matchmaking and allows a fast paced battle so that a player can have a quick session of game play in the mobile legends. It gives a seamless game play experience on android and IOS devices for the mobile legends hack.

In addition, it also gives customizable option that adds up to the experience and makes it more entertaining for the player, the customizable options include auto aiming and last hitting which makes the game play more easier and convenient for a beginner. Apart from its features, the mobile legends have many other benefits too attached with it, which proves to be very beneficial for the player.

It develops to build strategic thinking skills:

As violent the mobile legends seems for some of the players, but the game itself has proved to won and accelerate the making skills of the players on how well they can strategies their play to win it. A main factor which contributes to develop the strategic skills is with adopting the strategies putted by a team or a single player to win a level in the game. The factors in the game include selection of game phase, choices of spells and mode, delegations on the lanes until the game ends. Though, carefully planning and making strategic movements leads to the victory of game. It helps a player to improve their skills automatically encourages the game lovers to try something different and new:

In the mobile legends a player get to select on with number of characters, items, roles, spells and much more in the game. In which a player gets to learn and adopt the more versatile gaming options which may trigger them out from heir comfort zones. In this game, a player will be drive o try or use out different things, especially when a player reaches up to the highest game level in this game. Though, In order to excel in this game a player has to adopt strategic movements as well must have chemistry with their team members in order to reach up high in the matches. With this, the player gets to select from different customizable equipments and tools which suits up their preferred style to put into their game play which makes it unique and different for the players.

The mobile legends have proven to be the most popular game in the recent times, as the player gets to choose the gaming style according to their personal preference, which makes them stand out apart from other games.

The complete procedure of attaining Clash Royale Hack

Each one of us is extremely fond of the smart tools and immersive graphics that online multiplayer gaming now provides us with. The trend of gaming keeps on changing, yet, the craze stays the same. Every individual loves a different genre of gaming, but challenges are a part of every game. While playing your favorite Clash Royale, you would have definitely felt a lot of difficulties at times. You may experience the scarcity of resources or can also find it difficult to advance in the various levels. This is because there is clever player show are already using Clash Royale Hack, and thus, it becomes impossible for a normal player to compete with them.

So, how can you get your own hacks for the game? Check it out here!

There are various websites that now operate online and provide the players with unlimited ways of generating the Clash Royale Hack. These tricks are quite easy to use and make the whole game simpler for you. By utilizing the hacks in your game play, you can also prove out your caliber as a smart player and can beat your opponents with greater rankings and more points. So, want to know the steps of getting the hacks? Here it is!

Conduct a suitable research about various websites that are available on the internet and provides you with unlimited Clash Royale Hack.

As soon as the research is complete and you get the best website, put down your email address in the provided column. Make sure that the username stays case sensitive.

Now you will be redirected to a page. Here, you need to slide through the number of clash royale gems 2018 that you want, the amount of gold and the cards that you want to generate.

While sliding for the cards, you will witness that all are epic cards and not the ordinary ones. In fact, there are chances that a legendary card may also appear.

Now click on the generate button and wait till the overall procedure gets completed.

A human verification step is essential for you to go through. This is because the hack providers don’t allow any machine or robot to take their hack away and generate spam or viruses on their website. Thus, as soon as you verify your identity, the process will go on further.

Right after the verification process, all the unlimited resources will be instantly added to your account, and you will attain the benefits of playing with ease.

Thus, the process is as quite easy, and reliable. Generating resources through Clash Royale

Hack is really a phenomenal step, but the major problem is that of choosing the perfect website. You may usually get carried away with the claims made by various websites, but later on, you may lose your money. Thus, if you don’t want to get your essential details and money hacked, just get the hacking procedure done through a credible platform. With these amazing steps, you will not only attain the choice of using unlimited hacks but will also get better rankings on an international gaming platform.

Features of the Clash Royale Game

In the game of Clash Royale, players usually get ranked by their trophy count as well as experience level. Here, players try and level up by fetching experience points all way through upgrading or donating cards and further getting the achievements completed. There are several levels to complete, level thirteen being the highest level of the gameplay. Here, the trophies are either won or lost by the battles of the multiplayer: a player tends to win the battle by ruining more number of towers than his opponent where each of the destroyed towers are termed as ‘crown’, or even by demolishing the rival king’s tower, thereby resulting in a victory termed as ‘three-crown’ which is automatic.

In Clash Royale game, 11 playing arenas are present in all total (exclusive of the training camp and tutorial arena). Amongst those 11 playing arenas, there are Spell Valley, Royal Arena, Barbarian Bowl, Legendary Arena, Builder’s Workshop, Jungle Arena, Bone Pit, P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse, Frozen Peak and Hog Mountain, with each of these arenas corresponding to a particular range of trophy count.

Clash Royale actually is an extension of the game Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is considered as the real-time game involving a number of players, starring all your favorite characters of Clash, the Royales, and many more characters.

Here are listed some of the notable features that the gameplay of Clash Royale consists:

– A player must earn ample chests for unlocking their rewards; collect the most powerful cards which are a new addition and further get the existing cards upgraded.
– Opponent’s towers are to be destroyed; more crowns are to be won for earning crown chests.
– The final battle deck needs to be constructed for defeating the opponent.
– A number of areas are to be crossed to reach the final level.
– A clan is formed for sharing cards along with building one’s own battle community.
– Tactics are to be learned by going through best duels available on TV Royale.

The player needs to fetch and upgrade the great number of cards which feature spells, the Royales, troops of Clash of Clans. The royales here mainly includes Baby Dragons, Knights and so on. The enemy king needs to be knocked down along with the princesses right from their respective towers so as to get their opponents defeated, thereby winning crowns, glory, and trophies in that particular Arena. A clan then must be formed in order to share the cards and get your own community of battle built. The Clash Royale family then will move forward to win the game. Some Clash royale cheats can be made use of for achieving victory easily within less time span.

Is Facebook Hack Valuable And Beneficial?


Is Facebook Hack Valuable And Beneficial?

We are living in the most advanced scenario where IT companies Develop different types of social networking websites. There are many social applications and websites are available on the internet, due to this we can easily communicate with our relatives, friends or other lovable ones. Facebook is the world’s most top social platform which helps people to make their relationship stronger. Along with this, there are different types of tools can also be seen by which you can hack Facebook account. The task of hacking is not a cake walk, but by the help of Facebook hack you will get the privilege to access someone’s account.


Why should you choose Facebook hack?

People are very secretive, especially when they are in a relationship which is all based on trust. Actually, it is the basic need of any type relationship and someone is not having this then it means they are not going to live together for a long time. If you are insecure about your partner, then you should use the Facebook account hack. Parents also use this because it is the only way to get the genuine information about their children. They never share their personal things with parents so the Facebook hack is the only hope for parents. If we talk about another reason of a huge use of this hacking tool is then it is jealousy. People hack each other’s account in jealousy and misuse their pictures.


Selection of best Facebook hack

It is too important to access the reliable online hacking tool which is safe and for this, you have to do a little research. It is not possible to check out all tools so you have to make the list of tops rated ones because it can make the selection process easier. In fact, by this, you are easy to compare by which you can find the desired Facebook hack tool. In order to grab detailed information about Facebook account hack tools, you can read the reviews of past users on different online sources. With the help of reviews a person can easily get the desired information and if you want to find the perfect one then it is a good option. it is also the easiest way to make a statement about anything because it is the experience of previous users which have already taken services from that online hacking tool.

Apart from this; the hacking tool will ask the only username and there is no fear of fraud because in this you don’t need to reveal any personal information. In case if any hacking tool takes your personal information then it can take you in trouble so stay away from such type of tools. Now many online hacking tools are frauds so you must be careful while the selection which is not a cup of tea. In this, you have to keep in mind a lot of things but by this, you will definitely find the perfect one which is also genuine.

The Clash Royale War

Those were the days when everyone was used to play on Playstation or computer but now the time is changed and the most popular device for playing the game is Smartphone. You can play any game on Smartphone and the most popular one is clash royale. There are many reasons behind the popularity of game including its easy to use interface. When you play this game for the first time then you may feel hard to play because of too many options but later on, you will be used to it. If you have played clash of clans then it’s easy for you to play. Here you have coins and gems which you have to keep on collecting in order to purchase all the important things like cards and you have to upgrade these using coins. Interested people can download this game from Apple App store and Google Play store according to the device but there is the tool called as clash royale cheats which provide countless currencies. This tool can’t be downloaded from these platforms but you can access it using any web browser and good thing is that you can use it without downloading it.

Moreover; if you are having unlimited currencies then you can buy all the cards and use them for building an awesome strategy. The game is all about powerful tactic in which enemy feel confused and in this time you can take his crown tower down. If you are not using any generator tool then you can purchase the in-app product. Yes, this is the last option which you can try but you need a credit card for this thing. Go to in-app, purchase option and here you have the option of purchasing it. You will be shown money required for purchasing coins and gems. In every country, there is the different method of the method so in most of the countries credit card option is supported. After getting lots of coins and gems you need to build the deck.

How To Destroy Enemy?

Everyone has his own way of winning but if you are playing for the first time then there are many things which you must have to know. The first thing which you can do is to follow an ideal way of playing which we are providing to you. The ideal tactic for playing this game is:

  • When you are in battle then you have to focus on enemy. You will be able to destroy every tower if you keep calm waited for enemy to attack. First let your enemy to attack on you and then defend yourself by placing troop cards. Choose crown tower as your first target because if everything go well then you will easily destroy his crown tower.
  • If you have a good deck then you can easily get a upper hand on enemy so if you have balloon, baby dragon, hordes then it’s easy to win. All the good decks have mini P.E.K.K.A. or price which helps in high hit points. If you use arrow correctly then it will be same as icing on the cake.
  • Always defend yourself and if enemy try to reach near to your tower then protect it otherwise this can be big lose.
  • When you are done with attacking crown towers, you can move on to other towers. Some directly try to destroy king tower but this can be harmful because during this time enemy can attack princess tower. This is the suggestion that doesn’t go against king without destroying other powers of the enemy.

The good suggestion for everyone who is playing this game is to go after king only on one condition and that is when you have destroyed both of the towers. This is the most basic but best way of winning with ease. There are much more things but learn these then try others.


Well, still now the game is going well with each update. This is sure that everyone loves this because there are no bad reviews about it. The rating for this game is 4.5 stars on Google play store and the same rating is on Apple app store. According to some people, there is no other game like this. If you are starting to play this game then must download Clash Royale and build a powerful deck so that you can battle with your friends or you can use your leisure time doing something interesting.

How Much Do You Know About Clash of Clans

Upgrade Your Knowledge About Clash Of Clans

Have you heard about the Clash of Clans? If not, then I’m going to explain more information about this aspect. Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer video game that is developed under the category of strategy. This game is one of the best games those existing on the internet or developed by the Supercell. The COC gives a big break to this game development company and provides a big platform for other new games.

Easiest way to success in COC

Some COC players are fond of playing this game and they spend a lot of time in this. Few players achieve the top position in the COC and completely upgrade their base as well as troops. Beginners of the Clash of Clans are inspired from them and desire to reach the equivalent position of these players. To get the success at this level can consume time tremendously. The use of COC Hack is the shortest and easiest way to get this position in the game.

Help provided by the Clash of Clans cheats

The COC Hack is an online generator that has been helping in generating the essentials in the user’s COC gaming account. After that, these resources are helpful in building a strong base by unlocking the powerful defensive units. Many game players are not having knowledge about this type of tools and they spend real money for the progress in the virtual world.

Avoiding stupidity and use COC Hack

People those spend their real money, they are doing the biggest mistake or this step is not more than stupidity. On its flip side; the clash of clans hack tool provides these facilities for free of cost completely. The main objective of this tool is; it wants to become a part of COC game player success and they work only for user’s satisfaction.

Core Concepts Related To Hay Day

If you are getting bored and want to enjoy some time then you just need to play exciting games. Whether there are a lot of games but Hay Day is an ideal game in order to pass the leisure time. Nowadays this game is becoming favorite one among kids because they are playing this game on a wide scale. This game is based on a farming concept which is unique and it also grabs the attention of people. In the further article, you can get the best possible details about this game.

Understand the basics

If you are going to play Hay Day for a very first time then you will be introduced by a scarecrow that will help you to get started at the new farm. With the help of this, you are able to understand the basic concepts in an easy way. You will see many text bubbles on a screen which contains the basics of playing the game such as how to harvest crops, paint the house, and name the farm or many other important things. The player should read those bubbles carefully in order to set up the farm. Once this process has been done players can play properly. After setting up the farm, you will get three plots of land in order to grow the crop which is the important part of Hay Day.

Get more coins and diamonds

Coins and Hay day free diamonds are the important and crucial part of the game and without these; you are unable to play the game. There are many ways present by which a player can get these things but if we talk about the instant way then the only name comes to mind is Hay Day Hack. This is an online hacking tool by which you can get a huge amount of coins and diamonds as well.